A full service, multi-format recording studio located in downtown Algés, being only five minutes from our beautiful capital which is Lisbon – Portugal.

Our facility features a dedicated drums tracking room , a control room with a small tracking space suitable for all instruments and vocals.

Now in our eighth year of business, Sound Pressure Studios is the place where professionals work when there are in the Lisbon area.


In tracking vocals, musicians, creating high-quality music productions, mixing, mastering, CD & Vinyl duplication, Artist management, graphic design and more!

Over the years we have worked with many singers, rappers, and musicians covering a broad range of genres, including Pop, R&B, Soul, Hard Rock, Hip Hop and Metal.

With our low flat rates on all services we try to give to all upcoming projects the expected high-end results! You just have to take the first step, and get in touch with us!


Recording your project, Mixing it and Mastering it, and also taking your project to another level with so many other in house services we offer.

These go from Low Cost CD, Vinyl and DVD Duplication Services ranging from low quantity orders, Music Production, Custom Tracks and Exclusive Beats/Instrumentals Selling, Audio for Films, Video and Games, Voice Over Recording from a wide range of projects and Audio Restoration to Graphic Design and Web Design, Artistic Management, Agency and Distribution!


Leopoldo Lopes
Founder, Chief Engineer, Producer, Manager

His experience is vast and plentiful, with over 18 years and 50,000 hours of studio time under his belt he is capable of handling virtually any audio project need and has the skilled ears to make any of them shine.

As the chief sound engineer and producer, he can handle recording, mixing and mastering projects from various genres and music styles.

He certainly will take your project to another level!


Rui Magarreiro
Producer, Composer, Pianist, Programmer

With countless projects where he has put his hand on such as D. Laura, Procurança, Maria João Fura, Music Invite® – Fado & Piano, Rui is a versatile, distinguished and emotional producer and composer, being the keyboard and piano his world!

Rui Magarreiro is most comfortable on any Jazz, Blues, Bossa-Nova, Portuguese Traditional Music, Pop and Rock songs and if you’re looking for a high-end production on any of those music styles, this is the man that will work on your projects!


Miguel Catalão
Producer, Composer, Pianist, Programmer

A passionate musician and multi-instrumentalist, Miguel is a well-known flutist and keyboard player!

Well versed on Pop, Soul, and R&B songs he’s producing with Sound Pressure Studios team over the past 5 years!

A diverse background allows him to make educated decisions when working in your project. His relaxed nature and strong work ethics make working with him enjoyable and allow your project to sound its best.


Márcio Belezas
Musician (Guitar), Composer, Songwriter

Márcio Belezas is a well known and very experienced guitar player, teaching at the Conservatório de Música de Sintra and on it’s own Music Academy Solfejar.

His wide music background as lead and solo guitar player in various music projects highlighting Five Step Ladder and Scarmind, and knowledge gathered all over his musical career definitely, makes him one of the elite Sound Pressure Studios team member of producers and performers!


Rui Frade
Producer, Composer, Songwriter

Rui Frade is the gem among gems!

As a producer, his knowledge, versatility, and love-to-do are his best invitation card to all projects he put his hands on!

Hip Hop and RNB are his forte since his musical background and original songs competes with it, but as a good composer, songwriter, and producer, widening up his musical vision to other styles and genres will never be outside of his sight.


João Da Nova
Bass Player, Session Musician

If you need a great bass player for your songs, João Da Nova is your bass player!

He’s the only bass player that recorded a whole song from start to finish without any dubs in our studio and sound awesome! The track will be on Procurança’s upcoming EP to be out in 2017.

Well versed on many music styles, such as metal, rock, pop, reggae, funk and world music.



André Cabrita
Bass Player, Session Musician

André Cabrita is not just another bass player! This is the rock and pop bass player for any middle or high-end project, in need of a well versed, determined and focused bass player!

Bismarck’s bass player for many years, he’s a live and studio experienced musician and back vocalist, played with many other musicians and bands and recorded on many other studio projects such as Joana Lisboa, Wolf Lips, Suprah and many others.


Luís Paulino
Drummer, Session Musician

Since we’ve seen Luís Paulino playing on Scarmind’s rehearsal, we were sure that this is an eximious and skilled drummer!

Luís Paulino has an experienced past, playing on numerous projects, live and in the studio, such as Five Step Ladder, Scarmind among others.

He can play and perform various music styles ranging from pop, latin or kizomba to hard rock and plain hard metal.


Filipe Guerreiro
Guitar Player, Session Musician

Young but talented guitar player, Filipe Guerreiro is the member of Portuguese rock/pop Portuguese band Fly The Sun and lead / solo guitar player from Portuguese metal band Purging Within!

He’s fan of numerous hard rock and alternative rock knowned world projects and skilled enough for any rock, pop, hard rock and even metal project!
If you need a guitar player with his own input, Filipe is able to do just that!



Soundcraft Spirit 8 (24ch)
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RME Fireface 802
TC Electronic Studio Konnekt 48
TerraTec Producer EWS MIC2 & EWS 88 MT
Presonus StudioLive AR16 USB
EVE Audio SC307
Tannoy System 8
Monitor Audio MA 700 Gold
Denon SC-M37

1 x Behringer Virtualizer Pro DSP 2024P
1 x BBE 362 Sonic Maximizer
1 x Lexicon MX 300
1 x Samson Zoom Studio 1201
1 x SPL Stereo Vitalizer MK2-T Modell 9526
1 x Vesta DIG-410
1 x Yamaha DR100
1 x Yamaha REV500
2 x Yamaha SPX900

1 x Audient MICO
1 x DBX 386 Dual Vacuum Tube Preamp
1 x Focusrite Platinum Penta
2 x Neve 1073
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1 x RME Fireface 802
2 x TC Electronic Studio Konnekt 48
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2 x Vintage Siemens V276a

1 x Aphex 108 Easyrider
1 x Audio Logic MT66
1 x BBE 362 Sonic Maximizer
1 x Behringer Composer Pro MDX2200
1 x Behringer EX 3100 Ultrafex II
2 x DBX 166 Compressor
1 x Drawmer DS201
1 x FMR Audio RNLA 7239
1 x Focusrite Compounder
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2 x Klotz PCL 50M
1 x Samick Graphic Equalizer 231
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1 x Grundig TK244 Vintage Reel-To-Reel
1 x Rega RP1 Turntable
1 x Denon PMA-737 Pre-Main Amplifier
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1 x Pioneer A-Z370 Pre-Main Amplifier
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1 x Denon AVR-390 Pre-Main Amplifier
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1 x Radial Stagebug SB-6 Isolator

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1 x AKG D70-ME
1 x AKG D870
1 x Audio Technica ATM 31A
1 x Avantone CK-7
1 x Avantone CV-12
2 x Behringer C2
2 x Beyerdynamic M808
1 x Beyerdynamic M81
1 x Blue Microphones Baby Bottle
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1 x Brauner Phantom
1 x Lewitt Authentica LCT140
1 x Neumann / Gefell RFT PM750 / 475
1 x Neumann TLM102
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1 x Rode M3
1 x Sennheiser E602-II
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1 x SE Electronics V3
2 x Shure SM57
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1 x the t.bone BD 300
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1 x Violet Design The Black Knight

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Steinberg WaveLab 6
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1 x Schecter Demon 6
1 x Shelter SX Les Paul Custom Snake
1 x Sonor 14″x06″ ProLite Snare White
1 x Sonor 22″x20″ BD Select Piano
1 x Trexist Cymbals 14″ G-Series Hi-Hats
1 x Zildjian A-Custom Professional Set
1 x Zildjian ZBT 5 Box Set 390-A

1 x Ampeg SVT115E Bass Cabinet 1 x 15
1 x Blackstar Series One 200 Amp Head
1 x Bugera 6262 Head Amp
1 x Epiphone Tiggerman 60 DPS
1 x Fender Frontman 212R
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1 x Marshall 5510 Bass Combo
1 x Marshall 4×12 1960 Lead Head Amp
1 x Marshall Valvestate 2000 AVT 150H Head
1 x Marshall Valvestate VS100 Combo
1 x Marshall 1960 Lead 4 x 12 Cab
1 x OldBack Amps Vox AC4 Combo
1 x SWR Bass 350 Bass Head
1 x Vox Night Train 50 Amp Head
1 x Vox 2 x 12 Cab
1 x Warwick WCA 410-8 Wheels