Doing What You Love To Do | Work In Progress

Doing What You Love To Do | Work In Progress

SPS News #02We’ve never have been so busy in the studio, with great and exciting new projects! We’ve started 2017 with great new and upcoming artists such as hip hop Alverca based upcoming artistMáry recording her debut maxi-single yet untitled, which surprised us from the moment she entered the studio, Algarve-based hip hop artist Meskita recording his first rhymes for what will be his debut single!

We’re also very excited for new work done by various old friends such as Oeiras-based hip hop artist Anima recording new songs to be released in the following months, Sintra-based punkers The Skums finishing the last vocal tracks for their upcoming single series!

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” – Marc Anthony

Romantic pop artist Roy Silva recording the final vocal tracks for his upcoming “Tempestade do Amor” album, to be released this year, Lisbon-based pop/rock and world music superband Procurança which are on the final stage of the mixing and mastering work for their upcoming yet untitled EP to be released on the following months, Kizomba super artist Carlos Moreno also on the final mixing and mastering stage for his upcoming yet untitled album to be released real soon!

Metal music is also present at Sound Pressure Studios with Lisbon-based extreme horrorcore Snuff Mane recording two new EPs to be released later this year, death/thrash metallers Purging Within recording their upcoming debut album, Scarmind returning to the studio to record a surprise fan song and their upcoming debut album and Cold Steel Device to record their debut album too!

The list continue since we have the chance to work with to fantastic Portuguese DJs and producers such as Pedro Diaz and Filip V-Age now in the studio working o their upcoming new singles to be out soon!

We have scheduled a lot more artists and bands to be in the studio real soon as well many TV and radio original productions and voice-over works… 2017 will be a great year!


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