PAULO LEVI | Quero-te Tanto | Mastering

PAULO LEVI | Quero-te Tanto | Mastering

j37-tapeWe are really happy to have the latest single by Portuguese pop/funk singer and producer Paulo Levi in our studio for mastering! “Quero-te Tanto” is a funky driven song with lots of pop and soul melodies with an intense rhythm and good mood!

The mastering work was done with that popish flavor you often listen to on most commercial radio-ready songs.
We used the special Waves J37 Tape to give the song the necessary analog texture it deserves!

Hopefully, soon you’ll have the chance to listen to this great song. In the meantime, take a look at his past work like “Meia Volta” or “Amor Não Fingido” available on his youtube channel.

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