SNUFF MANE | Alien Rituals | New EP | Out Now

SNUFF MANE | Alien Rituals | New EP | Out Now

Gore, trap, hip hop, dark atmospheres, this is what Snuff Mane‘s 4th release “Alien Rituals” EP genuinely offers to the everyday mortal!

Snuff Mane is the Portuguese leading artist of this dark and aggressive musical genre, and I would risk saying that today, he’s one of the top worldwide names in the genre!
2015 “Transcendent Torture” Mixtape, 2016 “Da Torture God” EP and “Ultimate Pain” Mixtape are masterpieces, each one with its own atmospheres and stories!

“Alien Rituals” EP will bring you pain, despair, anxiety and ultimately death!
Not for faint hearts!

We had the honor to have all four releases done in our studio! Recording, mixing and mastering these 4 masterpieces was a challenge, but with the right tools and effort, we are proud and more than happy to listen to the outcome of any Snuff Mane’s song ’till date!

“Alien Rituals” is available on Snuff Mane official Bandcamp for a €5,00 cost as a digital download and on his Youtube official channel!

“Alien Rituals” 2017 EP | Youtube


“Alien Rituals” 2017 EP | Bandcamp

“Ultimate Pain” 2016 Mixtape | Bandcamp


“Da Torture God” 2016 EP | Bandcamp
“Transcendent Torture” 2015 Mixtape | Bandcamp


Snuff Mane


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