We are excited that Sound Pressure Studios can now help take your project through the sometimes confusing steps of duplication, print, and packaging. This is something that we know many of our clients need, and we are happy to now be able to help with these services in-house.

We offer a complete line of low-cost professional-based duplication service. Whether you require 1 copy or 10.000, we will deliver your CD, VINYL or CASSETTE project on time and in pristine condition.
Now you can have your Single, EP or Album on Vinyl! We have 7″, 10″ and 12″ inches formats and on a wide variety of packaging formats! Being 1 or 100 copies, it’s time to have your project with the very best analog format, VINYL!

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Duplication is an affordable option that’s best for customers looking to make a small run of discs. A recordable disc is “burned” with your content directly onto our top-quality blank media. For disc quantities of 1 to 200, we recommend disc duplication and we can provide printing, packaging and complete solutions in low quantities.

CD Replication, on the other hand, uses an injection mold from a glass master to actually print discs from scratch – no burning involved. For those of you who remember actually going into music stores to buy music (or even if you just prefer ordering physical CDs online), all of the CDs that you get from your favourite artists are replicated, not duplicated. Replicated CDs usually have 3-color on-disc screen printing for professional-grade looks.
CD replication is quick and cost-effective, especially for larger quantities. For disc quantities over 200, we recommend Replication as opposed to Duplication.

Print, Packaging, and Design:
We offer a wide range of cost effective packaging options, which includes paper windowed sleeves, jewel cases, Amaray DVD cases, printed paper sleeves, poly sleeves, postal-approved printed sleeves, and much more. We also work closely with graphic designers to help make your final product look its best. Whether you’re trying to stay on a budget, find a solution to fit other components, or simply want to create a piece like nothing before, we can set you up with the perfect solution.


Now that you know the difference, you may still be wondering which one is the right choice for your CD. This decision comes down to a few key factors:

1. Professionalism
If you want to make a professional looking album that looks like it could be at home sitting on the shelf next to major label artists, you’ll definitely want to go with replication. If you’re just recording to a more narrow audience and aren’t necessarily looking to have a record store-quality product, CD Duplication might be the way to go for you.

2. Quantity
CD Duplication is usually reserved for smaller quantity runs, like 50, 100 or 200. This especially makes sense if you’re just making a demo to hand out to industry people and venues and aren’t looking to sell thousands of units. Smaller quantities also means that duplication has a quicker turnaround. If you’re looking to get a shipment of a thousand or more discs, you’ll want to (and probably have to) go with replication. Bulk pricing usually applies as well, with price breaks being applied with larger orders.

3. Budget
Last but not least, you’ll have to factor money into the equation. If your budget is small, CD Duplication may be the only thing you can afford. But keeping in mind #1 on this list, you may want to save up to pay for Replication to get a polished, professional product you’ll be proud to sell to your fans.