Welcome to Sound Pressure Studios, where passion meets quality in music creation.

Sound Pressure Studios is Lisbon’s premier recording, writing, and production studio. Located off Linda-a-Velha in Oeiras, Lisbon, our creator, the legendary producer and sound engineer Leopoldo Lopes, has put his knowledge and passion into developing this haven for music lovers.

At Sound Pressure Studios, we care about the quality of service: producing and composing, recording, mixing, and mastering. We’ve put together a highly trained and dedicated team in-house. From our head engineer and producer, Leopoldo Lopes, to our executive producer and engineer, Patricia Rosa, we make it a point to cater our services to our clients. Our ethos is to create beautiful recordings in a warm, comfortable, welcoming, and always forward-thinking environment.

When Sound Pressure Studios was conceptualized, we envisioned a limitless creative space with professional recording artists in mind. To bring our vision to life, we’ve consulted our friend and brilliant acoustic engineer, José Cunha e Silva. With his expertise, we have collaborated to build a space that is visually warm, great, and has a high level of precision acoustic treatment.

Set to deliver live tracking of any kind of instrument and production at its best, no matter the project or instrumentation. To best support a multitude of projects and creative visions, we designed our three modular studio layouts to be flexible to accommodate our clients’ different needs.

Our dedication goes beyond excellent service. Whether you’re recording for a chart-topper or high-quality digital entertainment, our reasonable prices welcome all budding artists.

We consider music a lifetime partner, not simply an art.