Award-winning Engineers

Sound Pressure Studios is very proud of its engineering staff’s technical skills and artistic sense.
They were picked because of their unwavering dedication and years of experience in the field. Together, they show the greatest level of craftsmanship in music.

Their route has been distinguished by excitement, which has been fuelled by many hours spent in the studio cultivating abilities and welcoming innovation.

Our sound engineers love working with a wide range of sounds. They make it look easy when they switch between the soft tones of pop, the screaming fury of rock, the rich layers of funk bands, and the raw edge of metal. Because of our adaptability, we have become the studio of choice for both renowned music legends and emerging musical talents.

Our team works hard to make sure that the sound is perfect and ready for radio, which helps all projects, no matter what kind of music is being made.
Contact us to make your musical dreams a reality.

Meet the team

Leopoldo Lopes

Chief Engineer, Producer

Patricia Rosa

Engineer, Producer

Tomás Worthmann

Music Executive

Joana Lisboa

Vocal Coach