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The path Joana Lisboa took to become a singing artist took more than ten years, and her story is just as interesting as her voice. Since 2011, she has always been there as a vocal coach. But before this, since 2007, she’s been captivating audiences with her emotional performances, both as a professional singer and an amateur actor.

Her work as a voice-over artist for cartoon movies really demonstrates how versatile she is despite the fact that her voice has captured the attention of many people. Over the course of her amazing 12-year career, Joana has carefully worked with more than 500 people and groups, helping them with a wide range of vocal problems. Her clients include preachers, CEOs, teachers, and writers, among others. The fact that her work has changed the lives of so many people shows how knowledgeable she is.

Joana’s job is more than just teaching, though. The goal of her mission is to help people find their true voice. By giving them confidence and skill, she helps them accept that everyone’s voice is different. This makes sure that the process of improving their voice is as complete as possible.

Her early years as a singer and an aspiring actor were very important to the development of her work. She learned about the fascinating world of vocal technique by performing in front of people and doing the many vocal exercises she learned in her singing and acting classes. She learned about the power of the voice to change things through this experience, which led her to learn more about vocal teaching.

Joana’s unique change in voice is remarkable. Before she learned about vocal dynamics, her voice was melodic but didn’t have the impact it does now. From problems like a high tone to bad breathing habits and even stage fright, she’s gotten past them all. Her journey shows how important it is to keep going even when things get hard.

Joana now offers more than just one-on-one voice coaching lessons and interactive workshops. She also works as an expert at Sound Pressure Studios. In this case, she is very important for getting singers ready for their records and making sure they do their best. If you want to hear how good Joana is at music, she has a collection of unique songs that reflect her journey and love.

Joana Lisboa keeps changing what it means to be a singing artist with every note she trains and every voice she improves. Her unmatched knowledge and genuine enthusiasm make her an invaluable addition to our company and to every artist she guides.


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