Engineer, Producer

We are pleased to present Leopoldo Lopes, an audio engineering expert. With an impressive track record spanning more than two decades, he contributes unmatched expertise to every endeavor.


In 1997, he embarked on an extraordinary voyage, and Berlin became the captivating stage where he refined his craft for several extraordinary years.

Leopoldo Lopes effortlessly socialized and collaborated with international music titans such as the incomparable Alicia Keys, the lovely Mariah Carey, and the thrilling Coldplay in this vibrant city. Collaboration possesses a transformative effect. These dynamic collaborations transcend ordinary work, igniting a symphony of passion, vision, and unmatched musical artistry.

Portugal / Sound Pressure Studios

Going back to his Portuguese roots, he envisioned a haven for both established and aspiring artists.

Engage yourself in the extraordinary world of Sound Pressure Studios, where exceptional sound engineering and music production converge to create an unparalleled experience.

This innovative idea has paved the way for a new industry standard, establishing Sound Pressure Studios as the pinnacle of excellence.

His Essence

Experience the studio’s mission’s harmonious resonance, which reflects the essence of Leopoldo’s personal mantra. Be prepared to be mesmerized as they cultivate and amplify the extraordinary talents of musicians from around the globe.

Enter Leopoldo’s universe, where the mixer and microphone are only the beginning.

People like this are true experts on enjoying life’s finest joys. He fully enjoys every moment, whether he’s eating the juiciest steak, sipping a cool and energizing drink by the beautiful beach, or cruising through the busy streets of town.
Come into the life of a passionate fitness fanatic whose love for early morning workouts is matched only by the brightness of his soul. And his love for the gym has no limits, just like the beautiful music he makes.


With his outstanding academic credentials, he solidifies his sound knowledge. Leopoldo, a renowned graduate of SAE Barcelona, possesses an outstanding academic foundation in Sound Engineering, Advanced Sound Techniques, and Acoustics. With a remarkable grade, he has demonstrated that he is a genuine leader in his discipline.


When you decide to work with Leopoldo, you are not merely hiring an engineer. You’re actually starting a relationship with a real thinker who sees music as a living, breathing thing.


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* Jack Mid – ‘Hidden Cigarettes’ 2024 Single
* Jack Mid – ‘High’ 2024 Single
* Jack Mid – ‘Summerthing’ 2024 Single
* David Brites – ‘Praxis’ 2024 Album
* Miguel e Beatriz – ‘Para Sempre’ 2023 Single
* Wailok – ‘Autumn Story’ 2023 Single
* Esvi – ‘Faded’ 2023 Single
* County 23 – ‘County 23’ 2023 Album
* Kyle Waves – ‘Fragments’ 2023 EP
* Austieja – ‘Ė’ 2023 Single
* Poli Nika – ‘Nabludat’ 2023 Single
* Nati Davis – ‘Sports Beer’ 2023 Single
* The Heels – ‘Breaking Box’ 2023 EP
* BlackVelvet – ‘Footfalls’ 2023 Single
* Brian Hoff – ‘2 Wings, 2 Fly’ 2023 Single
* Marco Serafim – ‘Relógio de Areia’ 2023 Single
* Hongbo Mao – ‘Strong Departure’ 2023 SIngle
* Carlby – ‘Midwest Vignettes’ 2023 Album
* Wailok – ‘Hello’ 2023 Single
* Brian Hoff – ‘Face the Night’ 2023 Single
* Belzar – ‘I Wanna Feel’ 2023 Single
* Pardy Minassian – ‘Arshaluys From Arapgir’ 2023 EP
* Raul Duran – ‘IsRaul’ 2023 Album
* Valério Marques – ‘It Was Just The Wine’ 2023 Single
* Valério Marques – ‘1,2,3’ 2023 Single
* Baby Duke – ‘First Love’ 2023 Single
* Lambour – ‘Guitarra Anfíbia’ 2023 EP