Engineer, Producer

As soon as Patricia Rosa entered our studio in March 2023, she began a new chapter in the history of musical artistry. Patricia’s presence is an electrifying combination of passion and precision, embodying the very essence of music production and composition.

Patricia’s journey into mixing and mastering was rapid, having been trained under the careful eye of the maestro, Leopoldo Lopes. However, her time with us is more than a demonstration of her technical skill; it is a celebration of her artistic vision. Every song she touches bears her unmistakable stamp, a combination of vivacious vitality and meticulous craftsmanship.

Patricia’s vast musical vocabulary, which ranges from the nostalgic chords of synth-wave and the rebellious echoes of rock to the pulsating rhythms of hip-hop and the melodic allure of pop, enables her to create auditory experiences that resonate with a wide range of listeners. However, it is not only her production abilities that distinguish her. Patricia is a virtuoso on multiple instruments. Patricia makes sure that every note, chord, and beat has feelings, whether it’s the playing of an electric guitar, the soft lilt of an acoustic guitar, the resonant basslines, or her soul-stirring singing.

Her position at Juno Records in the heart of London’s Camden Town gave her invaluable insight into the music industry’s inner workings. Her experiences there, ranging from inventory management to the complexities of customer relations, polished her understanding of what music enthusiasts genuinely seek. Her role as a radio host at Croydon FM demonstrated her versatility in yet another way. Here, she was orchestrating an entire auditory experience, including sound engineering, program planning, and direct interaction with listeners.

Patricia’s academic trajectory demonstrates her dedication to musical excellence. She went deeply into the fields of electronic music production, live performances, and musical theory at ETIC. Her time at ICMP – The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance was significant, enhancing her knowledge of musical theory, composition, production, and the intricate nuances of the instruments she holds dear.

Numbers, dates, and credentials, however, only provide half of the story. Patricia Rosa is a unique individual. Her enthusiasm is evident, her dedication solid, and her goal crystal clear. Each task she takes is a journey, and she invites all of us to join her on this melodic excursion. As a pillar of our studio, she is redefining the future of music, not just molding it. We can only watch in admiration as she continues to press boundaries and establish new standards, knowing that we are witnessing the birth of a legend.


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