Sound Pressure Studios is honored to work with a variety of skilled partners to enhance your creative music experience.

From top-tier gear and professional film and photography teams to worldwide labels and modern music marketing, our relationships are carefully handpicked to improve every stage of your musical career.
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Some of Gear and Software Our Partners

Adam Audio – 
AKG – 
Ampeg – 
Arturia – 
Audient – 
Beyerdynamic – 
Blackstar –
Brauner – 
Celemony – 
Dangerous Music – 
DBX – 
Drawmer –
Epiphone –

FabFilter – 
Fender – 
Fostex – 
Genelec – 
Gretsch – 
iZotope – 
Lewitt – 
Lexicon – 
Mapex – 
Marshall – 
Neumann – 
Presonus – 

Roland – 
Rupert Neve – 
Sennheiser – 
Shure –  
Sonor – 
Synchro Arts – 
Telefunken – 
Universal Audio – 
Valhalla – 
Warm Audio – 
Warwick – 
Yamaha – 
Zildjian –

Highlight Brand & Our Gear


The S3V is a three-way studio monitor, and they are the main monitors in our control room used to produce, record, mix, and master.

The S3V’s built-in amplification is generously specified, comprising Class D units for the bass and mid-range drivers (500 W and 300W RMS respectively) and a 50 W Class A/B amplifier for the S-ART tweeter.

Offering flawless reproduction of audio frequencies between 32 Hz and 50 kHz, the S3V is a standout offering for anyone demanding highly accurate imaging and localization from their reference monitors.



R Studios and Sound Pressure Studios partner with record labels, music events, and the hottest bands and artists to produce music videos, promos, and highlight reels that never miss a beat.

Where your vision comes to life, one video at a time

Behind every killer music video is a talented, passionate team like us. We craft creative and memorable music videos with our signature bold and cinematic style. Our music video production services can be tailored to suit any size of production and every genre of music.

R Studios has a team of writers, filmmakers, art directors, and editors who push the boundaries of music video production to create visually stunning content. Including you in every step of the creative process, from initial brainstorming to post-production and editing, guarantees that your vision for your music video becomes a reality.

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For more information about our music video and promotional video production, please contact us via e-mail at or call us at (+351) 936 304 557.


R Studios and Sound Pressure Studios collaborate with top music events, independent bands, artists, and DJs to record outstanding moments that stand out.

Understanding the importance of studio and outdoor photography sessions in an artist’s career, we provide services customized to their requirements. Having high-quality, memorable photographs is critical in today’s digital world, where platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and others are the ruling king.

Our photographic services are meant to boost your visual presence and make a lasting impression, whether it’s for an eye-catching social media post or the artwork of your next single, EP, or album.

For more information about our studio and outdoor photography services, please contact us via e-mail at or call us at (+351) 936 304 557.

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