Expand Your Music’s Reach with Our Distribution Solutions

At Sound Pressure Studios, we understand the power of distribution to amplify your music’s impact. That’s why we’ve partnered with Symphonic Distribution and other leading platforms to offer you comprehensive distribution services.

Symphonic Distribution

A 100% independent company, Symphonic Distribution provides a suite of services designed to enhance your music’s presence. From digital and video distribution to royalty collection and music promotion, they cover all the bases.

Their exceptional client support team works alongside you, leveraging cutting-edge technology and a vast music distribution network. Since 2006, Symphonic has been empowering independent artists, labels, and managers to grow their brands and businesses. With their royalty management and music monetization services, you’re not just distributing music; you’re maximizing its reach and potential earnings.


A platform celebrated for its artist-friendly approach, Bandcamp allows you to sell your music directly to your listeners, providing a personal and profitable channel for your creations.


Streamline your music sharing with Songwhip’s efficient service. In just one click, Songwhip finds your music across all platforms, creating a shareable page that reaches your audience everywhere.


Tailored for artists at every career stage, PlaylistPush offers advanced AI-powered targeting to match your songs with the right playlists and creators. Their flexible pricing adapts to your release budget, providing detailed live reporting and analytics to track your music’s journey.

Cammo Network

A leading music promotion agency, Cammo Network specializes in playlist promotion, helping artists and musicians increase their exposure and fan base. With services that extend to securing playlist placements on popular platforms like Spotify, working with A-list artists and managements, and creating impactful ad campaigns, Cammo Network is equipped to boost your visibility and attract more fans. Whether you’re an upcoming artist, label owner, or manager, Cammo Network’s premium services are designed to help you succeed in the music industry.

Together, these platforms ensure your music isn’t just heard — it’s experienced globally. Let us help you navigate the path to success with these dynamic distribution solutions.


Managing social media for an artist or group is a demanding task that should not be assigned to a third party without careful consideration and planning. Social media has become an essential component of any successful campaign, and the person in charge of an artist’s digital marketing campaign must be well-versed not only in social media but in all areas of an artist’s campaign.

At Sound Pressure Studios, we work directly with our artists to develop a customized social media / digital marketing strategy, which may include, but is not limited to:

  • Producing, curating, and distributing a consistent stream of multimedia promotional and personal material online (including blog entries, social media updates, videos, images, and so on). In order to optimize artists’ exposure and awareness, we try to make sure that content is chosen with particular uses and placements in mind.
  • Expanding a client’s email list, increasing website traffic, and increasing the quantity and quality of social media followers.
  • Increasing opportunities for fan interaction with our clients’ fans and followers
  • Advising on and executing online advertising, as well as supervising production and creative for this advertising.
  • Making business-level cooperation proposals to different social media and internet channels
  • Redesigning artists’ websites (and social networks) to better funnel casual visitors into their marketing funnels and convert existing fans visiting their sites into paying customers

For more information about our studio and outdoor photography services, please contact us via e-mail at or call us at (+351) 936 304 557.

Our RECORD Label Partnerships

Sound Pressure Studios is proud of its long history of working with prominent musicians. We’ve worked with several prominent music labels. These partnerships show our commitment to music quality and variety.

These collaborations have not only enabled us to work with a wide range of talented artists but also to contribute significantly to the music industry. At Sound Pressure Studios, we cherish these partnerships and look forward to continuing our journey of creating music that resonates and inspires.

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