Released 2021|© UNITY RECORDS

Desta French


  1. Dinero
  2. Señor
  3. Bendecida
  4. Reasons
  5. Hija


  • By Central Sauce: ”There’s an effortlessness at play on “Bendecida.”
  • It’s the kind that comes with clarity and experience, an unmistakable creative comfort that breaks forth in slinking melodies and smooth flows. British singer-songwriter Desta French has carved out a pocket in which she thrives, and “Bendecida” is truly compelling proof, the striking fusion of Spanish and English lyricism playing out atop a Latinx arrangement that speaks to her heritage.
  • In this way, Desta is a testament to the musical prowess in London’s diverse music scene. The intricate percussion that drives the rhythm throughout is matched by the sharp precision with which Desta flows, leaping between languages from bar to bar. That distinction might do her a disservice, with bars like “mira esa gatica looking suave tan linda” leaping between her modes as cadences see fit. It’s impressive in its seamlessness and compelling in its raw phonetics — even if the language barrier renders her verses unintelligible to an English-speaking audience, the sheer energy emanating throughout proves a powerful force.
  • Her Spanish-language verses brimming with self-sourced confidence, unmoved by watching eyes and covetous gazes. “I’m happy alone,” she confesses to an entranced observer, “I don’t need your opinions.” These sentiments breakthrough on the refrain — “didn’t invite you anyway… don’t really care about what you say” — though they’re not quite as vivid in their English incarnation. Desta is spotlighting her Spanish language heritage here, and it’s well worth meeting her on that level, venturing to further understand the confidence that shines in the music.”

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